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Today’s Podcast, I really hope it will be to your liking.

1.lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine. “you can become resigned to the monotony of captivity”

2.sameness of pitch or tone in a sound or utterance. “depression flattens the voice almost to monotony”
Yesterday was just another day in Paradise. I woke up at almost 7, maybe 6:45. It was 6:50, i’m pretty sure. Yeah… like u’d give a rat’s ass what time I woke up, but you care what time you woke up. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care, i can’t even begin to care about that. But i’m confident I had more conscious monotony than many people did. Well, that’s because I wake up at 7 and many people I know get up at around 11, 12… So… yeah, i get up, take a look at my phone to see what time it is. It’s 5 minutes past 7. My hair is all scruffy, and I’m supposed to start my class in, like 25 minutes.

I need to have a few twists and turns on the bed before I gain complete consciousness, takes about 5 minutes. It’s good, though. It takes 20 minutes for some. At 7:10, i’m Up and running. But wait, how about my hair? Gotta get that a wash and a brush. But, goddamn it, my shower won’t work. Have called up a few guys, to come check out the heating system. But nobody is available. It’s been almost two weeks like this. Well, I know what to do. I’ll get a pitcher, fill it up with hot water from the faucet, add some regular cold winter water to it, and then i’ll be set. (Well, inc case you’re wondering how I clean myself, or take showers, i must say i do them in people’s homes)

So… still listening, alright,… . I have little hair, so takes about 3 minutes to wash it, and 2 to dry. In 5 minutes, it’s 7:15. At this certain time of hour, I spend some time flicking through the pages of social media, and oh so frequently, come across some yellow press. I don’t like yellow press, so I open my Instagram knowing that i’m not going to like much of what i’m going to see. These are the things i see.
some guy’s video blowing out candle on his birthday cake sitting on his head a sticker saying king, the next story: “an effective way to make zits and rashes go away in one month”, by the way I have no idea why people wanna have their zits removed, because, honestly, popping a well-developed zit can be all the reason one needs, to wake up at 7:5 in the morning.

“a mom posting a picture of her son or daughter doing a very uncute thing that doesn’t make me wanna smile, but cry is the next ordeal I suffer on a day to day basis, and yesterday as I said was no exception. Please leave the kids alone… they honestly like it better that way… i’ve seen babies throw projectiles from different parts of their bodies expressing their dissatisfaction being showcased to strangers. Things that if an adult had done would mean serving 5 years in jail.

Here, I begin to have a sense of sarcasm, which is a resentful reaction for having my time, willingly, wasted just like that. and I get that look on my face that says ‘Are you freaking kidding me, and.” It’s not like I would have done anything productive if I hadn’t done that. But, you know, still… it’s my time and I wanna be the one who gets to waste it! After all, it is my everyday routine, you know! I don’t understand where I get the urge to check these stories out, but i do nevertheless.

The reason I’m talking about these 25 minutes is because they used to be more fun, you know! Free from rigid planning and self-imposed pressure to succeed. Some quality time with myself to dig deeper into the inner me. But they all have given their place to monotony, and a never-ending rat race.

Anyway, my classes started at 7:30 yesterday, and went on for like 12 hours or so.

To wrap up, I would like to add, that there are a few things individuals can do to get over monotony. For starters, you might wanna fall in love. Falling in love can act as an antidote to the emptiness life when suffering from monotony. A little bit of love doesn’t hurt now does it! But i figure it’s rather difficult to fall in love with someone for two reasons.

Number 1 is because, well, the coronavirus is still ravaging lives out there, second it’s wintertime, and it might be a little too difficult to find people out there on the street in the cold. I have a friend who drives his car on the fast lane jeopardizing his and everyone else’s life, but he says it does help. For me though, video games work the best. My type of escapism you know. Doesn’t hurt anybody, and helps me vent my anger on the zombies. This helps the sarcasm i spoke of.

I hope you’ll find your thing, and by your thing, i mean something that interests you.

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