8Steps to Classroom Management Success

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Eight Steps to Classroom Management Success

“This book gives readers the tools needed to create a positive learning environment for everyone in the classroom, including themselves, thus making them more effective educators.” — Deborah D. Therriault, Teacher Published On: 2008-09-26

“Provides easy-to-follow techniques that can be incorporated into any K-12 classroom.” — Pamela L. Opel, Science Curriculum Specialist Published On: 2008-09-26

“Kapalka’s 8 steps foster academic, behavioral, and social success and provides teachers and students with a purposeful and systematic plan to meet the needs of complex and challenging behaviors. When put into practice, the 8 steps establish a climate of accountability and possibility. This book is also a great resource for intervention and referral services (I&RS) teams and for districts looking to expand their Response to Intervention (RTI) models.” — Karen C. Filkin, Inclusion Facilitator Published On: 2008-10-31

“Kapalka presents, in a very clear format, scenarios of difficult cases that educators often encounter. The book introduces a new approach that looks at both sides of the equation: educators who deliver the intervention and students who receive it. This is an easy-to-read manual that makes for quick referencing. Keep a copy by your desk.” — Maria Barresi-Devore, Consulting Psychologist Published On: 2008-10-31

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