Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary Classroom

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دانلود ویرایش سوم Multiple Intelligence in the classroom

This book will help teachers design effective curriculum for their students with diverse learning abilities. The authors have created a guided process to apply MI theory to the elementary school classroom. The five “pathways” or approaches examined―Exploration, Bridging, Understanding, Authentic Problems, and Talent Development―represent the ways in which MI can be implemented and nurtured across the elementary grades. The Pathways Model promotes and supports the development of a well-grounded understanding of MI theory to inform goal-setting and planning for using multiple intelligences theory in the classroom. Each pathway addresses a different set of goals and provides appropriate guidelines and examples.

This comprehensive guidebook:

  • Shows teachers how to get started by choosing an appropriate pathway based on their specific goals.
  • Illustrates how to use each of these models for teaching and learning with “Snapshots” from actual classrooms.
  • Provides a “Putting the Pathway into Action” section that includes organizers to help teachers design lesson plans for each pathway.
  • Includes “Thought Questions” for group reflections and “Implementation Activities” for experimenting with ideas in the classroom.
  • Supplies suggested resources, reproducible reference sheets, and the supporting materials needed to implement the activities presented in the book.

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