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Hello, everyone.

Well, something I don’t hear people talk about too often is very strong feelings. Feelings that create lasting and unforgettable memories. I remember it was a few years back, and I finally got my PS4. In the scorching hot weather of summer, in the crowded neighborhood of Toopkhone, a 20-something year old me was restless to go to the first store on the corner to get my gaming console.

But you see, as many storekeepers in Iran are all decent and offer prices at the lowest amount possible, I had to go to other stores which didn’t have the advantage of location, like those situated at the back of a narrow alley to get my Playstation, because well, I’m sick and don’t like cheap prices.

I enjoy getting ripped off, and I’m sure you’re all like me. Don’t you love it when the storekeeper makes all prophets responsible for your purchase swearing that no other place on planet earth can offer such low prices; they appreciate our logic and respect our rights as customers by guaranteeing that we have made the right decision simply by swearing to religious figures, the easiest way for them to get out of trouble when they’ve run out of arguments for what they already know is pure BS.

– Anyway, back to my console. So, after I’m done buying the PS4, I go to the store my friend recommended to buy my all-time favorite game, Mortal Kombat X.

let me add this, it had been quite a few months that I watched trailers and gameplays of this game and I was already way too hyped up. I came home, connected the wires, attached the HDMI cable, got the joystick, and there was light. The screen came up, the PS logo, and I was in. I put the Disk in, the game’s icon appeared right on the screen.

It was right there. It said I had to wait a few minutes before the installation was complete. You have no idea how the build-up added to my per-minute heart-beat. I opened the game, and a smile appeared on my face, ear to ear, uncontrollable, unprecedented, joyous with a spirit so elated that I couldn’t contain a sudden outburst of laughter which had been long overdue.

I believe the joy is very much comparable to one which you have when you are involved in activities that make you go WooHoo, if you know what I mean. By the way I’m gonna talk about this woohoo thing in a little bit.

Well, the point I was trying to make lies in that feeling. The extreme feeling of joy, pleasure, contentment, and the like which is a reaction to exterior stimuli or at times internal ones which is known as EUPHORIA.

I guess many of us are only familiar with the word ‘euphoria’ as a cologne by Calvin Klein. But, little do we know that people in Calvin Klein were thinking about seduction when naming this specific perfume. They probably intended to promote the product by claiming that if you wear Euphoria, you will probably experience it through WooHooing. I’m a very polite person and also fear censorship.

As you may have guessed, such activities are an example for naturally experiencing euphoria. Sports, Music, movies, etc. can bring you euphoria. You may cry at the end of Titanic, which I believe is way overrated, I know many will hate me for this, but it’s true nevertheless.

I mean hundreds of people are dying and you want to talk about two teenagers who think they are in love. If a boat were sinking, I would probably be too obsessed with saving my butt that love would be a luxury I wouldn’t be able to afford. I just said this to be controversial.

There are some artificial ways to feel euphoric as well. But I wouldn’t recommend them. Next time you see a guy with tired red eyes, please understand that he is probably feeling euphoric which of course is not without its demerits. Please do not do drugs, they are bad for you, and are not worth it.

drugs are khanemansooz. Even marijuana. Don’t do it, please. By the way, to those who say Holy MJ is not addictive, I have to say that euphoria is just like adrenaline rush. Don’t do pot, it will make your mind rot. Was that funny? Oh, and by the way, I’m so happy nobody smokes marijuana in Iran.

Anyway, euphoria is not always a good thing. Sometimes it causes neuropsychiatric problems as well as Bipolar behavior. See, you may be laughing now, but if you cry the next minute you may need a psychiatrist’s help.

But anyway, Nowruz is upon us, and I can swear that millions of people will have their dose of euphoria tomorrow. When a kid gets a 10 hezar tomani from his grandfather, the joy they experience is definitely a naturally induced feeling of euphoria.

When you play vasati in Sizda bedar, all the thrill and movement will give you euphoria.Rasti charshanbe soori ham ke was a few days ago. Chaharshanbe Soori is definitely a complete package. In it, there is excitement, violence and the chance to meet people who you can love platonically… sure.

I just love how Iranian traditions can go a long way in cheering us up.

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