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Guys, I’ve been meaning to release this 5-minute podcast, if you will, for about 5 weeks now. In 5 weeks many things can happen man. At 5 weeks, a baby’s nervous system is already developing, and the organs are being rapidly formed.

Major world events have happened in the last 5 weeks, president trump’s twitter account was banned and removed, the Capitol building was infiltrated, there is news of a second impeachment, and the constitution of world’s democracy has been at stake.

It’s also not that bad to know that Around 150 thousand people die everyday that means 1 million and 50 thousand people every week. Now, in 5 weeks, this number will be 5250000. That’s not all though. I have more stuff to bore you with. Everyday, 385,000 babies are born, you do the math on how many people it is in 5 weeks.

Meanwhile, I am at home, drafting everyday and ripping out one page after another thinking it is not good enough. Perfectionism is a sad thing, man. Guys, before I go on, I need to tell you that a perfectionist almost always knows that this trait is going to be problematic, but they easily justify it as a crucial step to the thing they want to do.

One of these potential problems is procrastination. Because we have to be the best, we always need more time to analyze shit. Then, we get all freaked out “ goddddd , why am I like this”. Yesssssssss, here the agony comes in. Feelings of guilt surround us and we begin to have talks. Great talks.

Constructive talks. But with ourselves… we go nuts! And here is my favorite, some of us blame ourselves as we think we are the ones who should answer for all the problems in the world. Ironic, though, because perfectionists think they’re never enough nor important.

Another beautiful thing with us is that we take pleasure in knowing that there are others like us, but because we just can’t get enough of competition, we feel sad, um, thinking why am i not the only one. I wish I could win a trophy being the best perfectionist in the world.

. So, After all this, I decided to give this a start and break free from the damn perfectionism trap, and just start to talk to you. You see, I have figured that if you need to go to the bathroom, you don’t wait for the best toilet paper to get the job done, noooooo, you go in, lock the door, make sure no-one is watching and then mazel tov.

What I meant by this flawless example was the fact that we must comprehend the importance of the fierce urgency of now. So without further ado, From here on out, I will share tiny bits of stuff in 5 minute-podcasts hoping that they will be satisfactory to ur tastes. The process has been time-consuming, at times, exasperating. But all the while I was hoping to present to you something worthy of your time and lingophoenix’s legacy.


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