Intermediate (متوسط)اصطلاحات

زبان انگلیسی برای پلیس و افسران پلیس

vocabulary for police officers

arrest /verb/     دستگیر کردن

take into police control

My partner arrested the man who set fire to the building.

assailant  /noun/              فرد مهاجم

person who assaults or attacks

Did you see the assailant run away?

at large, on the loose

not caught, running free ازاد،رها

I’m afraid that the man who robbed the bank is still at large.

armed and dangerous  /adjectives/ مسلح و خطرناک

is carrying a weapon and has a violent background

Do not approach the thief if you see him. He is considered armed and dangerous.

back-up /noun/ پشتیبانی

police that are called in to support or help

We’re calling for back-up now that we know she has a gun.

bail /noun/ وثیقه

large amount of money that someone pays as a promise to appear in cour

Your husband’s bail is posted at $20,000.

baton, night stick /noun/ باتوم

heavy stick that police use for controlling crowds or defending themselves

No, we don’t carry guns. We only have batons.

book /verb/ ثبت

register someone as a criminal

We’re taking your brother down to the station to book him.

break into /verb/ ورود غیر قانونی

enter a residence, car, or business illegally

Do you have any idea who would have broken into your car?

burglar /noun/  سارق

a person who breaks into a home or business and steals items

We think the burglar got in through your chimney.

cell /noun/ سلول

individual room in a jail or prison

We’ll have to keep you in a cell until someone comes to pay your bail.

convict /noun/ محکوم

a person who is doing (or supposed to be doing) jailtime . Please be aware that there is a convict on the loose.

cop, copper /noun/ افسر پلیس

police officer (common slang)

Did somebody here call the cops?

criminal record /noun/ سابقه کیفری

a file that lists all of the crimes a person has committed  We don’t allow anyone with a criminal record into our country.

crime scene /noun/ صحنه جرم

the place where a crime happened

Please stay outside the yellow tape. This is a crime scene.

cruiser, squad car /noun/ ماشین پلیس

police car

Please step out of your vehicle and get into the police cruiser.

(in) custody /noun/ حضانت

under police control

You will be happy to know that we have taken the kidnapper into custody.

DUI, DWI. رانندگی در حالت مستی

driving after drinking too much alcohol

(Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated) Your record says that you have two previous DUIs.

detective /noun/ کارگاه

police officer responsible for solving crime

The detective is going to ask you a few questions about the man’s appearance.

do time /verb + noun/ دوران گذران جرم در زندان

receive punishment for a crime by spending time in jail

You won’t be required to do any time but you will have to pay a fine.

domestic dispute.            اختلافات خانوادگی

argument/trouble in the home(often leads to violence)  We’ve had a number of calls reporting a domestic dispute in your hotel room.

escape /verb/ فرار

get away from a holding place

If you try to escape we will have to restrain you with handcuffs.

felony /noun/ جنایت

a major crime (e.g. murder)

Murder is considered a felony and is punishable by life in prison.

fine /noun/ جریمه

money that a person pays for breaking a law

You can get charged a large fine for speeding in a school zone.

fingerprints /noun/ اثر انگشت

marks left by fingers that identify a person

We’re going to have to check your personal belongings for fingerprints.

firearms /noun/ اسلحه

weapons that shoot.

It is illegal to carry unregistered firearms such as rifles and pistols.

gang /noun/ گروه خلاف کاران

a group of people often associated with crime and drugs

Stay away from this area at night as there is a lot of gang activity.

guilty /adjective/ مجرم

responsible for a crime, deserving of punishment.

You will be considered innocent until you are proven guilty.

handcuffs /noun/ دست بند

metal rings that attach to wrists to keep criminals (or the accused) from escaping

We put your boyfriend in handcuffs, because we saw him climbing through your window and thought he was an intruder.

innocent /adjective/ بی گناه

not responsible for the crime.

We’ll believe you are innocent when you show us your receipt for the items in the bag.

intruder  /noun/ مزاحم

a person who enters a home or business illegally.

Someone called to report an intruder on the third floor.

jail, prison  /noun/ زندان

a place where criminals are confined.

The guards will be patrolling the prison all day long.

misdemeanor  /noun/تخطی از قانون

a minor crime (punishment is usually a fine or less than one year in jail)  Stealing a road sign is considered a misdemeanor,but is punishable by a large fine.

noise complaint مزاحمت صوتی

a call to the police to complain of disturbing noise (usually music or a party)

Two of your neighbours have made a noise complaint tonight.

partner /noun/ شریک و همکار

another officer that a policeman drives and works with. I’m going to get you to tell your story to my partner.

patrol  /verb/ گشت، پاسداری

on patrol

observe and protect an area

We always patrol the downtown core on the weekends.

perpetrator /noun/ جنایتکار

person who committed the crime.

The perpetrator is still at large.

pickpocket /noun/ جیب بری

a thief who steals from people’s pockets in transit or in crowds. Beware of pickpockets on the subway.

pistol /noun/ اسلحه کمری

a hand held firearm

Our local cops carry pistols but rarely use them.

pursuit /noun/ تعقیب

the act of searching for.

We are in pursuit of a man in a green jacket and orange pants.

radar. رادار

radio wave transmission that helps police track cars and map crime scenes

According to our radar you were driving well above the speed limit.

robbery /noun/سرقت

theft; taking something that does not belong to you, often with force

We have twenty officers investigating the bank robbery.

speeding ticket قبض جزیما سرعت غیرمجاز

a fine given to a driver who gets caught driving beyond the speed limit

Your license shows a clean driving record except for one speeding ticket from five years ago.

steal /verb/ دزدی

to take something that does not belong to you. Do you know who stole your wallet?

street crime /noun/ جرایم خیابانی

crime such as drugs and prostitution.

Don’t give the beggars any money. You will only be promoting street crime.

thief /noun/ دزد

somebody who steals

We have found the thief who stole your car.

walkie-talkie /noun/ بیسیم

hand held radio each partner carries

My partner told me your license plate over his walkie-talkie.

wanted. تحت تعقیب

being searched for by police.

A man from your hotel is wanted for his involvement in a murder.

witness /verb/ شاهد

to see something happen.

Three people witnessed the murder but they are afraid to speak.

young offender, juvenile delinquent

a minor who commits a crime (usually under age of 18)

abduction/ kidnapping  آدم ربایی

taking a person to a secret location using force

armed robbery    سرقت مسلحانه

using a weapon to steal

arson شلیک ،آتش

setting fire to a place on purpose

assault حمله

hurting another person physically

attempted murder.         سوءقصد به جان کسی

trying to kill someone (but failing)

burglary سرقت

breaking and entering going into another person’s home or business with force

child abuse  کودک ازاری

injuring a child on purpose

domestic violence  خشونت خانگی

physical assault that occur within the home

drug trafficking  قاچاق مواد             

trading illegal drugs

drunk driving     رانندگی در حالت مستی

driving after having too much alcohol

fraud  کلاهبرداری ،تقلب

lying or cheating for business or monetary purposes

hijacking  هواپیما ربایی      

holding people in transit hostage (usually on a plane)

murder/ homicide   قتل

taking someone’s life through violence

shoplifting سرقت از مغازه

stealing merchandise from a store

smuggling قاچاق

bringing products into a country secretly and illegally

speeding  سرعت غیر مجاز

driving beyond the speed limit

terrorism تروریسم

acts of crime against a group (political/religious) or another country

theft دزدی


torture . شکنجه

extremely cruel and unfair treatment (often towards prisoners)

vandalism. خرابکاری

damaging public or private property (for example with spray paint)

white collar crime

house arrest. بازداشت خانگی

(a young offender who is waiting to go to court) remain in one’s home for a certain period of time

community service. خدمات اجتماعی

(a youth that steals a car for the first time)

do volunteer work such as teaching children about crime or cleaning up garbage

jail time. دوران گذران در زندان برای مرد

(man who assaults his wife)  spend a certain amount of months or years locked away from society

life in prison. دوران گذران در زندان برای زن

(a woman who commits homicide)

spend the rest of one’s life in prison with no chance of going back into society

bar code. بارکد   

a series of thick and thin black lines that holds computerized information

date of birth (DOB). تاریخ تولد

date when the ID holder was born:

day/month/year: 23/05/1970 (23rd May 1970)

month/day/year: 05/23/1970 (23rd May 1970)

year/month/day: 1970/05/23 (23rd May 1970)

date of issue. تاریخ صدور

date when documentation was created

eye colour. رنگ چشم

blue, brown, green, black, grey

fingerprint. اثر انگشت

markings of a person’s thumb or finger tip

height. قد

how tall a person is in centimetres or feet and inches

hologram. هولوگرام           

a laser photograph which makes a picture or image look lifelike

magnetic stripe. خطوط مغناطیسی

a long black stripe found on the back of a card that can be swiped into a computer for information

maiden name. اسم خانم قبل از ازدواج

a woman’s surname before marriage

marital status. وضعیت تاهل

single, married, divorced (no longer married), separated, common law wife, common law husband

national status. ملیت

citizenship (native citizen, immigrant, landed immigrant, permanent resident, refugee)

photograph. عکس

recent picture of ID holder

place of birth. محل تولد

city, country where ID holder was born

profession. شغل

current job (doctor, teacher, retired)

serial number or PIN (Personal Identification Number). شماره شناسایی شخصی

number that can be entered into government systems to find information about a person

sex. جنسیت

M (male), F (female)

signature. امضاء

hand-written name of ID holder

valid until, expiry date. تاریخ انقضاء کارت شناسایی

the last date when an ID document can be used

ID fraud جعل هویت

lying about one’s identity

counterfeit. جعلی

fake, not real

illegal immigrants. مهاجر غیر قانونی

people who do not have government permission to live or work in a country

crack down on. سرکوب

to put a real stop to

authentic. معتبر و واقعی

real, true

identity theft. دزدی هویت

stealing someone else’s identity for personal use (or sale)

underground. غیر قانونی و زیر زمینی

not publicly known, usually illegal

controversy.  جدال

disagreement surrounding an issue

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